The RFP Assistants Benefit

So why should you hire RFP Assistants?  What are our RFP agency search benefits?

Save Money

One of our main RFP agency search benefits is our unique industry knowledge and vantage point. In other words, our existing relationships can create substantial program savings for you! Every agency search and agency review we conduct requires methodology for proof of ROAS, appropriate program discounts and regular budgetary reporting. As a result, we place millions of dollars of new business with agencies each year! So, you can put our buying power to work for you!

Save Time

Another benefit is how we streamline the agency search and review process according to your schedule, not ours. As you know, there’s a lot of paperwork and constant agency contact involved in an agency search. We handle all of the document-creation, analysis, and communication. As a result, we supply you with easy to understand comparative-reporting so you can make the best decisions regarding your next agency relationship.

Save Resources

Since we handle all the details of your RFP so you can focus on your business yet still choose the best agency for your campaign spend. You benefit by not being wrapped up in the RFP minutia. As a result, you can put your energy and resources to other uses while our experts secure you the best services and pricing. Often times, companies return to us for other RFPs or as a part of due-diligence in keeping their program competitive ensuring their agency relationship remains as productive and cost-effective as possible.

When to put your account in review

The best time to begin planning your agency review is 6 to 9 months out from the end of your current contract, OR after 5 years of service with the same agency without a review.

Keep in mind, an agency review does not always lead to changing agencies. Yet it always leads to a better program with more savings and overall consistency of brand support.


President’s Message

“It is my pleasure to work one-on-one with every client that hires us to assist with their RFP agency search needs. My main goal is for us to gain a complete understanding of each client’s agency requirements. Once we understand our client’s goals we can create the optimal agency search process. As a result, our RFPs are faster, more cost effective, and much less work for our client’s internal marketing departments and teams.

In conclusion, our RFP process help to build a stronger future agency relationship and a clearer vision for the return our clients will see for their advertising investments.”

Noelle Mullin