Our Services

We facilitate the process – you hire the best agency.

Since 2004, we have been honored to serve the needs of advertisers seeking to conduct advertising agency reviews.

RFI – Request for Information

Because of our desire to meet any client’s agency search needs, we’ve built a proprietary list of hundreds of vetted, qualified agencies. This list provides detailed descriptions of ad agency products and service offerings. This unique level of service is useful when you need to conduct agency searches in-house without outside consultants. It’s also useful when advertisers want to keep up-to-date agency data on-file at regular intervals. We supply the list of agencies to get your agency search off on the right foot!

RFQ – Request for Quote

Since a full-blown RFP isn’t always needed. We also offer RFQ services. This service-level is used when seeking details for a specific product, for services that are commodity-based or one-time-only assignments. We make note of your particular requirements and bring those needs to qualified agency vendors who in turn provide process schedules, logistics, and pricing. You will select your agency based on quantitative analysis and reporting that we create to guarantee a superior fit between your needs, agency capabilities, and your budgetary guidelines.

RFP – Request for Proposal

Finally, we come to RFP services. This is our most comprehensive agency selection process. It’s utilized when clients are seeking an “agency of record” for a company division. It encompasses all aspects of a complete agency review including a comparison of all bidding agencies. Incumbent agency’s products and services can be brought into the process as well. In conclusion, this option is for companies that are seeking a long-term agency relationship and solutions. Our RFP process offers the most comprehensive procedure with the least amount of work since it is our experts that facilitate and coordinate the entire multiple-agency review.

Our Guarantee

  • Exposure to only the most ethical, stable and reliable agencies in the industry.
  • Comprehensive proprietary comparative reporting throughout your agency search process. This creates ease of understanding how the firms are meeting your expectations as a potential partner.
  • Reliable rationale that the proposed media placed will generate conversions and lift.
  • The easiest review process possible providing the largest negotiated savings available in the agency-search industry today.
  • Detailed terms for a clear, concise and fair contract negotiated at the end of the agency review.
  • Most importantly, our clients are the decision-makers at every stage of the process. We guide the review but our clients are the drivers and decision-makers.
best in class
Within the corporate client and agency communities, RFPAssistants has earned a reputation as a “best-in-class” consulting firm based on our quality work, thoroughness, and integrity.
We are passionate about the value our Agency Search & RFPs create. By helping our clients select and manage agency relationships more effectively and efficiently we help create world-class marketing and advertising campaigns.